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PIMPLES: Home Remedies To Reduce Redness And Itchiness

Did you ever experienced waking up in the morning having a red big pimple on your face? It does not only make you feel uncomfortable, it also bothers you throughout the day especially when you accidentally touched it.  Luckily, there are simple home remedies that are super accessible in your home which you can use to reduce the redness of your pimple.  1. Ice Cube Cold temperatures can ease the irritation by decreasing blood flow to the affected area and reducing  inflammation and redness. Using a clean fabric, wrap the ice cubes and place it gently directly on the pimple's site. Don't press too hard as this might break or pop the pimple. 2. Lemon Juice Lemon juice contains antibacterial properties that aids in fighting microorganisms causing breakouts. Studies found out that the citric properties of lemons are capable for skin lightening. Squeeze a slice of lemon and soak a piece of cotton ball in the juice. Dab on the affected area before goi

Vicks Vapor Rub: Reduces Stretch Marks, Acne And Other Amazing Unexpected Uses You Probably Didn't Know

Most of us probably know the use of Vicks Vapor Rub as a decongestant. This over-the-counter topical mentholated cream has been around for quite some time and is commonly used on the chest, back, throat or thru steam inhalation. Its medicinal properties from its active ingredients- camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus relieves nasal congestion and cough. But it just does not there, be amazed on its other uses. You might just be able to ditch your expensive beauty product and switch to Vicks and save some cash. Here are the other amazing though unexpected uses of Vicks Vapor Rub: 1. Relieves Headaches With one of its active ingredients, menthol helps lower blood pressure on your head. For quick relief from tension and headaches, simply rub some on your forehead and on your temples. 2. Relieves Muscle Pain So soothe muscle or back pain, try massaging a rigorous amount of Vicks on the affected area. The menthol ingredient increases blood circulation, providing

MAG-INGAT: Fake Package Delivery Bagong Modus, Baka Kung Ano Na Lang Ang Laman Ng Box!

Talagang namang patuloy pa rin ang pambibiktima ng ibang tao para lang makakuha ng pera. Iba't ibang modus ang nababalitaan natin lalo na't ngayong palapit na naman ang kapaskuhan.  Bagamat nasa listahan na ng mga autoridad kung ano-ano at sino-sino ang mga gumagawa nito, hindi pa rin maikakaila na naghahanap pa rin ang mga manloloko ng bagong paraan para makapang-biktima ng kapwa.  Isang Facebook user na nakilala bilang Ginna Rapsing Kvebek-Olsen, ang nag-share ng kanyang karanasan sa social media sa bagong modus operandi na ito. Ayon sa kanya, bandang mga 6pm nang bilang nagtext sa kanya ang kanyang shopkeeper na mayroon daw pinadalang package para sa kanya sa tindahan. Kwento ng kanyang shopkeeper, na meron daw isang lalaki na nakamotor ang huminto sa kanilang retail shop. Dahil wala ang may-ari sa oras na iyon, mag-isa lang ng kanyang tagabantay ang naroroon.  Pagpasok ng lalaki sa shop, animo'y may kausap daw ito sa kanyang ce

Kawawang Bata: Maayos Na Naghahanap Buhay Ninakawan Pa!

It is really hard to trust someone these days, especially that poverty rate is rising. People are tempted to commit crimes like stealing and taking things from others in order to survive. But this 13-year old boy chose to make a decent living by selling on the streets to help his parents. At a very young age, this boy hopes to help his family by selling bread in the street. He sold a total of 250 pesos that day, 150 pesos should be remitted to the bakery where he works for, and 100 pesos would be his personal earnings. While he was counting his earned money, a stranger went up to him and offered him to exchange his coins for bigger bills. Unfortunately, the man deceived this poor kid and was gone out of nowhere.  Alejon used to sell only during his free time whenever he has no class and on weekends. This is his only way to help his parents to send him to school. And it must be really hard for him to accept, that the money he had worked for the whole day w

Bus Conductor Returned Million Worth Of Cash To Its Owner: Her Reward Will Surprise You

Sa ating panahon ngayon, napaka konti na lang ang mga taong totoong mapapagkatiwalaan at mayroong malinis na intensyon. Lalung-lalo na kapag ikaw ay nakawala ng isang napakaimportanteng gamit. Maliit ang tyansa na maibabalik pa sayo ang nawala mo (lalo na siguro kung pera ito). At sinuswerte ka na lang talaga kung maibabalik pa sayo ito ng buong buo.  Paano na lang kung mahigit isang milyong piso ang nawala mo o naiwan mo sa isang pampublikong sasakyan? Mataas ang tyansa na hindi na maibabalik sayo ito dahil sa dami ng taong may masamang balak at nangangailangan ng pera pambayad sa mga utang, malamang ay itatakbo na nila ito. Ibahin natin ang kwento ng isang 50 taong gulang na babaeng bus conductor na ito sa Thailand, na nakikilala bilang Summon Matidul.  Isang pasaherong lalaki ang sumakay sa kanyang pinagtatrabahuhang bus, ngunit nang bumaba ito ay may naiwan siyang isang bag sa kanyang kinaupuan. Laking gulat ni Matidul noong makita niya ang nai

John Lloyd Cruz at Ellen Adarna Rumored Relationship Tinotohanan Na? At Supportado Pa Si Lucy Torrez-Gomez

Just these past few weeks when the rumors have spread about the alleged relationship of Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz just went viral on social media. The two were even spotted several times and even seen them posting sweet pictures together. Fans and other netizens are curious as to what is the real score between the two. In an Instagram story shared by Ellen, she posted a screenshot of her conversation with celebrity friend Lucy Torres-Gomez. It was seen that Lucy was advising her to light a candle and pray for her romance.  There were no specifications that the two were particularly pertaining to John Lloyd, but it could be possible that it is him, who they are talking about. The conversation started when Lucy said, " Gamita na ang kandila. Romansa is alive and live! (Gamitin mo na ang kandila. Romansa is alive and live!) Ellen replied with a laugh and said: "Malapit na! Hahahaha!" She continued teasing Ellen saying that if she ran

Lalaking May Kapansanan: Hindi Naging Hadlang Ito Para Kumayod

Naranasan mo na bang sumagi sa isipan mo ang mga salitang, "Tinatamad na akong magtrabaho!" At imbes na sa nagtatrabaho ka nalang ng mabuti ay dinadaan mo pa ito sa puro reklamo.  Isipin mo na lang ang dinaranas nang taong ito araw-araw. Hindi madaling magtinda sa kalye, lalo na't mainit at maraming sasakyan. Mas lalong hindi madali ang maglako ng paninda kung ikaw ay may kapansanan. Ayon sa Facebook post ng isang netizen na si A. Sabalza, laking gulat niya ng makita nya ang lalaking ito na hindi naging hadlang sa kanyang patuloy na paghahanap buhay araw-araw ang kanyang kapansanan. Ayon sa kanya, ang lalaking ito ay nagtitinda ng buko salad sa mga kalye ng Bagong Silang, Caloocan City. Ngunit anong kapansin-pansin sa kanya ay ang nakawheel chair siya habang naglalako ng paninda.  Kung makikita mo, ang wheel chair nito ay kakaiba. Dinugtungan ito ng bubong na may takip na tarpaulin at isang kahoy ang inilagay sa kanyang harapan na nagsi

Isang Mabuting Lalaki, Pinakain Ang Mga Kawawang Batang Pulubi Sa Isang Fastfood

Despite of all the bad things happening in our world, there are still people who are doing random acts of kindness, who we often called them as "good samaritans." These people are doing good deeds to others not because they need to, but because they want to without any hesitation.  A certain netizen shared her story on social media on what she encountered, a "good samaritan" while eating at a fast-food chain. According to her, she saw street children outside the fast-food chain on what she assumed were begging. However, one man caught her attention because he was buying food that is too much for him to consume. To her surprise, she noticed that the man bought the food for the street children begging outside.   The kindhearted man reserved a table and called the children outside so they can eat a decent meal. He even helped the kids unwrap their food and fed the youngest kid so she could eat properly. While eating, they engaged in a co

Walang Pambayad Sa Jeep, Sa Huli Ay Tinulungan Pa Ng Matandaang Driver

It was not so long ago when the story of a jeepney driver giving free rides to students went viral on social media. This is another incident that went viral online showcasing how really selfless our jeepney drivers are. A certain Facebook user identified as Joseph Mejia, shared how he was inspired by the kind and selfless act of this old jeepney driver. According to him, he left his flash drive at home so he decided to ride the jeepney to go back and get it. When he was going to pay for the fare, he found out that he has left his wallet and no money to pay the old man. He taught of running away and not paying (the term used by Filipinos "123") has already crossed his mind. But his conscience bothers him in not doing what he taught was the only last resort. He was touched that the driver was an old man only doing his job to earn a living.  So he made the guts to admit his mistake and approached the elderly driver.  Joseph: Manong, wala ho akon

ATTENTION: Warning Signs Of Heart Attack That Occur Only in Women

Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death in the world. It happens when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of the heart muscle becomes blocked and the heart can't get oxygen. When blood flow isn't restored quickly, the section of the heart muscle begins to die. Heart attacks do not always feel the same in women as it does in men. Before the tragedy, our body will send signals that one must not ignore. Here are the warning signs every woman must look into when your body will have an impending heart attack. 1. Chest Pain Even though women may experience different symptoms than men, chest pain is still this the most common warning sign in both. It is manifested by squeezing, fullness, and a feeling of pressure and discomfort in the chest. The pain can be anywhere not just only on the left side but in the whole area. 2. Pain in your back, arm, neck or jaw This type of pain is more common in women. These signs may confuse wome