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"Floating Pedestrian": Solution To Slow Down Cars And Prevent Accidents?

Traffic signs are important when driving and even just as a pedestrian crossing down the street. Without these road rules and regulations, vehicles and people on the road are at risk of accidents.  In a certain town in Iceland, they thought of something to slow down speeding vehicles on the road to prevent accidents. They have created a 3D zebra stripes pedestrian crossing.  Apparently, the illusion was created as if the crossing lane was seemingly floating like the artworks you see on a 3D museum. And any vehicle who had never passed that street would really slow them down because it seems like there are blocks blocking the road.  The creation of the project was ordered by the environmental commissioner of Iceland, Ralf Trylla. After seeing the same project done in New Delhi, India.  The unique design of the pedestrian lane caught the attention of netizens around the world and was even featured on various websites.  So far, it caused mixed reactio

LOOK: Scarlet Snow Belo as Little Audrey Hepburn Is Overloaded with Cutenes

Scarlet Snow Belo is the daughter of celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho. Scarlet Snow is reportedly one of the most popular celebrity kids in the Philippines with over 1.6 million Instagram followers. While she was on her way to shop for Christmas gifts with her parents, she was spotted dressed as little Audrey Hepburn. Scarlet flawlessly matched the fashion Icon's 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'  look in her black ensemble, pearl accessories and tiara. Dressing as Audrey Hepburn during Halloween season has been a favorite of people around the world. But scarlet's own version is definitely overloaded with cuteness.  Take a look at her adorable photos: source:

Woman Tries To Jump Off Ship Because Something Fell In The Deep Water

Risking your own life to save or retrieve a material thing is not worthy. To some people, material possessions are already part of their life and losing it is also like losing a part of you. One example of of these things that have been part of our daily lives are our cellphones. Ever since these gadgets existed, some people can no longer take their hands off them as they have already stored memories, important data, contacts, photos, and other valuable information.  Unfortunately, this woman from China, identified as  Ms. Liu lost her valuable smartphone that contains important information while she was on board on a ship.  The female passenger was taking photos on the fourth deck when she accidentally drops her phone in the deep waters of the Erhai Lake, a popular scenic spot in Yunnan Province, China. The video shows that the woman was screaming and recklessly trying to jump off the ship to retrieve her cellphone. Since she is trying to put her

LOOK: Enrique Gil Romantic Date Night With Liza Soberano In Tagaytay

After his hardwork promoting his newest film, "Seven Sundays," Enrique Gil enjoyed a much deserved break with Liza Soberano at Tagaytay's Antonio's Restaurant.  Enrique kept his outfit casula, wearing a Hawaiian shirt matched with stylish lenses and Liza was clad in a pink blouse. The two have yet to confirm anything about being a couple, although they've been open about their feelings for each other. Take a peek at their Romantic Dinner date in Tagaytay:   source:

Diaper Na Sumabit Sa Kable ng MRT, Nagpahinto ng Biyahe

Isang Diaper ang sumabit sa kawad ng kuryenete nitong umaga ng Lunes October 23, 2017 sa MRT-3 bandang 6 am. Nabawasan ang biyahe ng MRT dahil sa diaper na nakasabit sa kawad na pagitan ng mga istasyon ng Ayala at Buendia. Napahinto ang biyahe sa pagitan ng Taft Avenue at Bonie Avenue station.  Bandang 7:30 na nag umaga ng ibalik ang normal na biyahe ng MRT.  Hindi malinaw kung paano nagkaroon ng diaper sa kawad kuryente sa MRT. Pagkatapos ay muli nanamang nagkaroon ng aberya ng alas otso ng umaga dahil sa nasirang pintuan ng isng tren. At ito naman ay nangyari sa linya ng istasyon ng Shaw Boulevard. Patuloy ang mga aberya sa MRT kaya naman marami na ang nagkokomento tungkol dito na mabigyan sana ng pansin ang mga pagkukulang sa mga transportasyon ng mga tao. source:

Avengers Stars: "The Hulk" and "Thor" Praises Pinoy Who Made Action Figure Toys Made Out of Slippers

A photo of a Pinoy vendor went viral thru social media when a Facebook user named Adrian Soriano Bernabe posted the man's work online. Netizens were amazed of the man's artwork since he creatively made action figure toys out of rubber slippers.  The man identified as Elmer Padilla, originally is from Samar but migrated to Imus, Cavite to try his luck. He is a pedicab driver but he set up a shop along the street of a public market to sell his impressive creations.   Elmer does not have a lot of money to buy expensive materials but instead, he uses discarded scrap materials like rubber slippers to form realistic action figures out of it. He is truly an artist who knows how to use things that are available to him.  According to him, he looks up to his characters as his main inspirations. And his favorite action figures are "Thor" and "The Hulk" from Marvel's The Avengers. When he was a kid, he usually goes to t

Look: Transgender Transforms into a Living Barbie Doll after Spending $1. 27M on Plastic Surgeries

35-year-old Nikki Exotika from Hoboken in New Jersey has undergone numerous plastic surgery. While still living as Jason Torres, she was bullied at school for her style and how she expresses herself. She would often hike-up her shorts and walk down the corridors in tight t-shirts like a runway model.  She didn't stop in trying to improve herself. By the age of 19, she had gender reassignment surgery. She had three nose jobs, two breast enhancements, and Adam's apple reduction. Her surgeries would cost her about $250,000, $15,000 on Botox, fillers, facials and peels and $155,000 on makeup, lashes, hair extensions and tanning. She is also a proud mother of three adopted gay sons. According to her, "I've had over a million dollars of surgery, I only did the calculation recently and struggled to remember everything I've done to myself." "My body has had gallons of silicone. I've spent a

REAL or NOT: Mysterious 60 Feet Dragon Bones Found By Villagers || With Pictures!

Did dragons really exists? Or is this just a fickle of our imaginative minds? Dragons are mythological creatures. They are present in Chinese mythology which is believed to symbolize power, strength, and good luck to people who are worthy of it.  A short video clip gone viral in social media when Chinese villagers discovered a skeletal remains of a dragon in Zhangjiakou City in China. The skeleton measures 60 feet which includes a large skull with horns and two little arms at the neck-body joint. The huge, thin serpentine body matches the characteristic of the Chinese version of dragons. The dragons from Western mythology is far way different from the Chinese version, as these creatures are described as having no wings but fly by swimming through the air just like how a snake crawls in the ground.  However, some netizens are not easily convinced about the viral post because they think that the skull seems to look like an antelope and the bones look

PHOTOS: Daughter Of Ogie Alcasid, Leila Looks Like Selena Gomez Of The Philippines!

What is more flattering when you have a Hollywood celebrity look-alike? Most especially if she is a famous international singer/actress like Selena Gomez. Leila Alcasid, the daughter of singer/songwriter Ogie Alcasid and ex-wife Michelle Van Eimeren who just turned 20 this October steals the spotlight when people notice her resemblance to Selena Gomez. At the age of 5 she moved to Australia when her mom and dad separated, but now she is a young lady, Leila have decided to move back to the Philippines and embraced it as her home. She is also planning to enter showbiz.  For the past few months, the Selena Gomez look-alike have already joined several fashion shoots, celebrity events and interviews. She even attended the previous Star Magic Ball 2017 together with her dad, Ogie.  According to Ogie, she gives her daughter the freedom to discover and learn new things in life. So if she plans to pursue her career in showbiz, her dad won't restri