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Do You Still Remember Ate Glow? The Impersonator Of Former President GMA, This Is Her Life Now!

During the early 2000's during the presidency of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), an impersonator of the former president was popularly known as "Ate Glow."  Rene Boy Facunla, also known as Ate Glow Facunla is the comedian who was discovered because she can impersonate GMA very well. She made her first public appearance way back in 2003 as an impersonator.  Her first television appearance was on Wazzup, Wazzup and made her first movie stint in 2004 together with Heart Evangelista and John Pratts on the movie My First Romance. Former President Arroyo even chooses her to be the ambassador of her administration's anti-illegal campaign on drugs. It was also reported that Ate Glow's impersonation was admired by the former president and was described as a smart person. She recalled when she met the president: "Pagkaharap din namin, it was also a validation na, na-confirm ko rin na hindi pala siya sa'kin 

Woman Raised By Monkeys Gets Rescued Only to Be Sold as a Slave to a Brothel

Marina Chapman, is a Colombian-born British woman known for her claim to have spent much of her early childhood in the jungle, alone except for a colony of capuchin monkeys.  After she grew up under the care of monkeys, she was rescued by a group of hunters who later sold her as a slave to a brothel. According to Marina Chapman, she was abducted and was dumped in the jungle and left for dead at very young age. There, she lived out her Mowgli story, being taken on bu capuchins and learning to survive on fruits and nuts.  Five years later she spotted some hunters and they led her out of the jungle.  The hunters sold her as a slave to a cruel brothel keeper. Young Marina lived as a street urchin and was enslaved by a mafia family, before being saved by a neighbor and eventually moving to Bradford, Yorkshire. In Bradford, she found love and started a family of her own.  Her story remains baffling to many, especially skeptics, who refuse

Sailors Saw Something "Strange" Floating In The Sea, Rushed To Rescue It

It is indeed a rare incident seeing some animals in an environment where they don't usually belong. Like this huge animal who was seen difficulty getting afloat in the deep waters of Sri Lanka.  A group of sailors were aboard on military ship off the coast of Sri Lanka when they found a huge, strange gray mass floating in the sea. When they looked closer, they saw something that was rarely seen in the middle of the ocean.  Soon they realized it was a land animal who needed a challenging rescue operation.  The naval vessel was about ten miles away from the coast of Kokkilai when they spotted the huge floating gray lump. As its color was similar to whales, this gray animal was unlike any of the marine ones. To their surprise, it was an elephant struggling to keep afloat in the water while its trunk was above the water. According to studies, Sri Lankan elephants are fond of swimming and likes to splash around the ocean without experiencing

Luis Manzano to Jessy Mendiola's Bashers: "Hanggang Internet Lang Kayo!"

On Tonight with Boy Abunda show, Luis Manzano finally said something to his girlfriend's bashers. Jessy Mendiola faced unparalleled bashing from netizens in her social media platforms and the actress fired back multiple times to defend herself.  Jessy was also asked about her reaction when a netizen questioned her presence at the wedding of Anne Curtis and Erwann Heusaff.  "To be honest, I was really invited. Siyempre because of Luis also. Because he's the best friend of Anne. And ako naman, why would I go to a wedding na hindi ako invited?"Jessy  answered. "Yung sinagot ko sa netizen na yun, ayokong maging negative yung pagpunta namin dun o lagyan pa ng issue. Kasal na nga siya, celebration of love, of Anne and Erwan." Jessy continued Luis Manzano defended Jessy Mendiola, According to him: "Initially, it makes me feel bad. Pero 'eto lang.. To be honest. Ang taongnaghahanap ng mali makakahnap

Man Discovers A 2 Million Dollar Worth Of Strange Treasure Owned By Ancient Vikings

Archeologists continue to search for fossils and artifacts that can serve as proof during the ancient civilizations. What is more exciting is that lucky people who discover something really rare and valuable can make them instant millionaires! A metal detectorist, identified as Derek McLennan found a remarkable10th-century artifact in a field of a church land in the south west of Scotland.  The largest haul of Vikings discovery was found by the detectorist after painstakingly searching the unidentified area in Dumfries and Galloway for more than a year.  The haul of treasure consists of more than a hundred artifacts, many of which are historically unique. It includes silver bracelets, brooches and ingots, a gold ring, early medieval cross, decorative glass beads, a gold bird-shaped pin, crystals, decorated silver gilt cup, jewelries, potteries and even ancient coins. According to experts, this medieval cross is highly unusual which McLenna

Man's Amazing Transformation After Plastic Surgery, Looks Like A K-pop Star Now!

To some people, they define beauty based only on physical appearances. But the essence of it has nothing to do with the looks, true beauty comes from the inside. It's how you are as a person.  But some people who got the money and help decide to end their suffering from endless bullying and criticisms by just going through plastic surgery.  A 22-year-old factory worker from Thailand identified Noppajit Monlin has always been the bullied and ridiculed ever since he was young. He suffered from a twisted jaw that made him unable to chew properly and lost his confidence.  When he grew as an adult, his co-workers would tease him and no girl took him seriously because of how he looks. Girls who had a relationship with him would only fool him and they only want one thing-- his money.  After he has left with nothing, he began to hate women. He then entered into a relationship with a transgender named, Top. After the two met in a social media and beco