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LOOK: Manny Pacquiao's Beach Resort In Boracay

If you have ever visited Boracay and availed a boat trip from one of the locals, pretty sure they will tell you about this Santorini-inspired beach resort that it is owned by the Philippine boxing champ, Manny Pacquiao.  In 2006, Manny together with his friend, businessman Crisostomo "Cris" Aquino purchased the cove in the seaside mountain terrain in Diniwid beach in Boracay. The resort was then developed and named Boracay West Cove.  In April 2008, Manny and his wife Jinkee visited their resort after his victorious fight against Juan Manuel Marquez. Manny's business partner, Cris quipped, "Diyan nila nabuo si Queen Elizabeth!" The couple's youngest daughter who was born in Los Angeles, California.  If you are in Boracay station 1, 2, or 3, you can access the resort by riding a tricycle or by boat.  The cove is surrounded by lush greens and crystal clear waters. Guests can relax and watch stunning view of the b

Iza Calzado's Renovated Modern and Stylish Condominium Unit in Makati City

Actress Iza Calzado is one of the most hardworking actresses in Showbiz industry. Due to her hard work and perseverance, Iza has been able to buy her condominium unit in Maktai.  The actress began looking for a new home in Makati and acquired the spacious unit in 2104. She then improved her condo unit after living in the space for six months. She satrted the renovation prcoess with the help of her good freind Nix Alanon who is also the princiapl designer of FTA Design, an art and style company. Let's take a look at Iza Calzado's newly renovated condominium: Most of the unique furniture pieces she added to the space are from PhoeNix Home, the furniture and lifestyle brand owned by her designer, Nix.  According to the actress, she was very much involved in the renovation, as she helped choose materials and pieces for her condo unit.  "Ang dami pang gagawin. Unti-unti binubuo... Ayoko talagang magmadali just for the sake

Pinay Celebrities Who Are Already In Their 40’S But Still Look Young And Gorgeous

We all know that being a mother can bring lots of changes to a woman. Pregnancy can cause weight gain and the stress of being a wife and a mother can cause wrinkles and eye bags.  These Pinay Celebrities are also Mommies and many couldn't help but wonder how they were able to maintain their figures and beauty.  Take a look at these Mommies who have timeless beauties: 1. Carmina Villaroel  Actress, host, model and businesswoman Carmina Villaroel is now at her 40's. She is the wife of actor Zoren Legaspi who can still make heads turn when she goes to the mall. She has a slim figure and an ever beautiful face. Carmina has been able to maintain her body after giving birth to her good-looking twins. 2.  Sunshine Cruz Despite having three daughters, Sunshine still looks stunning in a swimsuit. The gorgeous actress remains beautiful now that she's 40, just as she did back when she was 16. 3. Lucy Torres Gomez  The ev

Woman Who Gave Birth At 72 Admits She Is Struggling To Cope With 11-Month-Old Baby

An Indian woman who gave birth for the first time at the age of 72  has admitted her health has suffered since she gave birth. The 73-Year-old, Daljinder Kaur said her health had deteriorated since she gave birth to her first child, Armaan, in April last year. Now eleven month old, Armaan is crawling and Kaur said she is struggling to keep up with the toddler. According to her, she is suffering from high blood pressure and weak joints. But she said she does not regret having her son. The woman told the new agency, "Since he's been crawling I'm on my hands and knees and it's hard. My body can't take it. It's been harder than I thought. I'm worried about Armaan. I have to take care of my health but I have to care of Armaan too." After failing to conceive naturally during their 46-year marriage. Kaur and her 79-year-old husband, Mohinder Singh Gill underwent a successful in vitro-fertilisation (IVF) treatment

Is The Super Blood Blue Moon Related To The Mayon Volcano Eruption?

There are series of natural catastrophic events that happened in the Philippines in the past few years. Great floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruption to name a few. And yet here we are, still standing amidst these natural calamities.  But should people be really concerned about what's going to happen this coming days? On January 31, people will get the chance to witness a super rare astronomical event, a "super blue blood moon." Super moon happens if the moon is closest to the Earth during its monthly orbit. Blue moon happens during the second full moon in a month.  Blood moon is simply the moon as it appears during a total lunar eclipse. During this phenomenon, the moon turns to a reddish or copper color when it passes through the Earth's shadow.  According to NASA, the coming together of these three different moon events only happens after 35 years. So the next one might be on the year 2037! During this event, there is a belie

Once You See Cross Waves in the Beach, Leave Immediately!

In the popular tourist destination of Isle of Rhe in France, which is a small island just 19 miles long and 3 miles wide, there are specific kinds of waves that beautifully display the force of nature at its most powerful.  This remarkable image was captured just off the western point of France's Isle of Rhe. It's a beautiful demonstration of a natural phenomenon known as a cross sea. The waves generated by the new wind run at an angle to the old, creating a shifting, dangerous pattern.    Unlike in an ordinary ocean, the waves showcase a strange pattern. It's strangely shaped into a square pattern, looking like a chessboard. There are a lot of tourists around the area who take their time to climb up to the lighthouse in order to take the nicest view of the ocean.  According to reports, further research on this stunning look of the ocean showed that it actually happens because the island is in an area where two seas meet.  The

8 Warning Signs Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency Most People Ignore

Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is one of the vitamins responsible for production of red blood cells, as well as the metabolic function of the body and the proper functioning of the nervous system.  It is naturally found in animal foods such as meat, fish, eggs, poultry and dairy. And also to some products such as bread and milk fortified with B12. Unfortunately, vitamin B12 deficiency is common among elderly people. People who don't get enough B12 from their diet are also at higher risk.  Here are the warning signs that you have a vitamin B12 deficiency that most often people ignore. 1. Anemia Lack of B12 causes problems in your body's production of red blood cells causing anemia. People with B12 deficiency often look pale or have a slight yellow tinge to the skin and white of the eyes.  2. Extreme Weakness and Fatigue Weakness after doing a strenuous physical activity is normal, however, extreme weakness that does not go away with rest